Hope Segun Foundation Yearly Essay Contest

Hope Segun Foundation wants every student to be able to tell his or her story: the challenges, triumphs and their journey in life.  The Hope Segun Foundation Yearly Essay Contest will help develop: reasoning, literacy and developmental writing.  The top participants will use the prizes to buy school supplies and become our distinguished essayists.


Basketball Camps

Our summer basketball program is designed to teach basketball nitty-gritty, bring up good citizens, promoting unity, hard work, teamwork, dedication, opportunities to learn and play also kids feeling good about his or herself and being part of something great…a team!!!


Youth Mentoring

Hope Segun Foundation focuses on youth in our communities to help them achieve their utmost goals and support them in their endeavors while encouraging them to see the possibilities and make the most of the opportunities.


Making Blankets for Foster Kids

If you are a foster kid attending our basketball camp, kindly notify us ahead during registration so that we can have your blanket ready for you at the camp.  They are new, neat and fit for your use during youth camp, at home, et cetera.  When registering online, tell us your name, height and favorite color or theme to be on the blanket.

Remember, none of your information will appear on our website and the information you provide will further help us to make your blanket.  Hopefully this gift will transcend to help brighten your days and give you a sense of support.